Dave's been playing keyboard / piano and guitar for as long as he can remember! Having started making music in London England where he performed with bands as well as solo, he continued this trend after emigrating to Canada. After performing with bands such as The Rainmakers and Triple Shot as well as a few duos, he now loves playing the music of Van Morrison in this unique tribute band. He's particularly pleased and proud to perform along side his son Marti the bass player during our numerous performances around town.

Scott Beacom


Taught himself the guitar at 16 and by 18 he was cutting his teeth in nightclubs in and around Vancouver. With his love for all types of music Trevor has played, wrote and recorded  music in several different bands over his career, from the roots/rock of A Month Of Sunday's and the funk/rock styling of Flippin' Jiggers, then to a old school 70's funk tribute called Super Fudge. After those he wrote and recorded music in the Madmans Gospel a hard rockin' soul band. Which all helped to hone his tastefully crafted guitar playing for the soul explosion of Cyprus Avenue. From the stages of Warped Tour to Theatres or small clubs and outdoor events Trevor is ready to rock in every show environment!  



Cyprus Avenue, a well-renowned Van Morrison Tribute Band, is made up of a talented team of creative musicians. Based in Vancouver, BC, they have a storied history of live performances featuring unique musical arrangements of Van Morrison's most famous R&B Tunes. They pride themselves on their technical abilities and musical versatility, breaking boundaries with their take on the Tribute band paradigm. Explore the site and learn more about the musicians behind the music.

Scott was introduced to music very early by his Irish born grandfather who would play piano for hours when he came to visit. "My grandfather could play anything you asked him to even though he couldn't read a note, you just had to hum the tune for him,  it was a lot of fun for us kids". After a short introduction to piano and guitar lessons Scott landed on the saxophone at the age of twelve. Scott's mom insisted her kids take music lessons and always got them to their lessons on time driving miles on gravel roads to and from the family farm. "I fell in love with the sound the first I heard it, thanks Sam."



Jer started playing music at an early age, mainly guitar, but when the drum position became vacant in his high school band, he jumped on the kit as he was eager to learn his favourite instrument. As the years passed, Jer played in many bands from country to hardcore metal playing drums, bass and guitar and even singing. Currently behind the kit with Cyprus avenue he is in his happy place making music with talented musicians and friends.

James Minchau started his singing career at age 6 with a startling rendition of Lightfoot's "Alberta Bound".  Since that point his love of performing on stage, songwriting, and recording has grown.  He has been seen on stages fronting bands like "A Month Of Sundays" "Flippin' JIggers" and "Lolligaggers" holding his 'Rockordion', sitting down at a piano in "Madman's Gospel", or occasionally attempting guitar and drums.  But most of all he enjoys to have the mic in one hand and the crowd in the other.  He has felt at home singing on the coffee-shop floor, sticky nightclub stages, crowded festivals, professional live theatres and recording studios alike.  



Marti developed a passion for music and playing an instrument after spending countless hours enjoying his dad play in various bands throughout his childhood. He picked up the bass guitar several years ago and played with friends "in the basement" before joining a band called “Dekades” . He then went on to join Cyprus Avenue in 2015 along side his dad (Dave Cole-Keyboard Player Cyprus Avenue) and he has loved every moment of it. A highlight for him, was placing in the finals at “Rock the Mic” Vancouver in 2016 and having the opportunity to perform on the Molson Canadian Theater Stage!